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IT Consulting Solution's portfolio of achievements and success include major projects in the banking and financial industry in the APAC region. Our talents work on cutting edge technologies that help streamline business processes and give businesses their competitive edge!

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IT Projects IT Support Quotation Request

IT Projects

Your Best Partner To Achieve Your IT Goals

IT Projects is for businesses and MNC's working on large IT projects. IT Consulting Solutions is here to understand your needs and promise to always deliver value and professionalism within your budget and timeline!

(S) - Denotes senior resource.

Resource Type Country Head
TOTAL (USD):Pending

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IT Support

Your Best Partner For Cost Savings

IT support is the perfect service for small to medium size enterprises. We provide IT managed service on a time period or ad-hoc basis. As a one-stop service, we provide outsourced IT support to ensure your business maintains the best support strength.

IT Support Level 1 IT Support Level 2
  • Service Desk
  • End user desktop support
  • User account administration
  • Desktop/Laptop configuration
  • Printer configuration
  • Basic Mobile Devices Support
  • Resolve common problems
  • Basic Software installations
  • Ticket routing and escalation to L2 Support
  • Desktop/Laptop/User device support
  • H/W troubleshooting
  • Software installations
  • Hardware repair
  • Patch management
  • Backup and Restore
  • Anti-virus software support
  • Network Maintenance
  • Mobile Devices Support
  • Common Telephone System Support
  • Basic AV Support
  • Handle escalated issues from L1 support
Resource Type Country Required
TOTAL (USD):Pending

Remark: - Local GST is not included in cost estimations.


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